Having vast knowledge and experience obtained while working in the architectural design industry since 2006, we took it upon ourselves to establish a new architectural design office in Kraków. We are united by the goal of creating architecture that respects not only the aesthetics and functionality of properties but also their individual character and surroundings.

We undertake various ventures ranging from office spaces and commercial housing investments to small houses and interior design projects. Every project is approached with the same commitment, regardless of its size and type.

Our work to date has included projects in numerous Polish cities, including Krakow, Kielce, Katowice and Rzeszow. The experience we have gained makes us a versatile office, able to efficiently obtain administrative permits necessary to begin any investment’s implementation, regardless of its location.

We are well acquainted with the property development process and the regulations regarding the sale of residential units. Moreover, we have hands-on experience in supervising the construction of both residential and office buildings.

We are enthusiastic about every project entrusted to us. Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation.