Cooperation with the Cichy-Zasada Group

We are expanding cooperation with the Cichy-Zasada Group, the largest dealer company in the automotive industry in Poland. In addition to the design of the Audi Showroom in Wieliczka under our contracts we will be responsible for projects of the Audi Showroom in Nowy Sącz and the reconstruction of the Audi Showroom in Wilanów.

Audi Terminal assent

We are pleased to announce the completion of the conceptual phase of the Audi showroom in Wieliczka. The study prepared by our office was approved by the Cichy-Zasada Group, Architect Audi AG and Volkswagen Group Polska. Works on the construction design of the facility with an area of 4140 sqm, are underway.  It will house a showroom and exhibition of new cars, sale and exhibition of used cars and the brand service.

Hotel by the Zegrzynski Lake, building permit design

Boniakowski and Skucińska Dej Architekci have completed the project of an aparthotel complex in Białobrzegi on Zegrzyński Lake near Warsaw and applied for a building permit. In a complex of buildings with a total area of 8700 sqm comfortable apartments with a recreational swimming pool, Spa zone and restaurant are planned.

New Siewna, 3rd. stage

Boniakowski i Skucińska Dej Architekci is starting work on the detailed design for the last stage of the Nowa Siewna investment. The study will cover two residential buildings with a total usable area of 3,425 m2. It will be possible to start construction on the basis of a design made in our office in the second half of this year.

Na Błonie, Kraków

We are starting the author’s supervision over the construction of a residential building at Na Błonie Street in Krakow. Designers Marcin Boniakowski and Magdalena Skucińska-Dej created a project of a comfortable, intimate building open to the panorama of the Wolski Forest, which will provide future residents with comfort and a sense of privacy. The three-storey building with a deck on the roof will contain 35 apartments with a total area of 1,490 sqm.

Audi Terminal, Wieliczka

Boniakowski i Skucińska Dej Architekci has established cooperation with the largest automotive dealer in Poland – Grupa Cichy-Zasada. As part of the contract the project of an Audi showroom and service center in Wieliczka will be implemented.

Hotel by the Zegrzynski Lake

We are starting work on the architectural concept of an aparthotel complex on Zegrzyński Lake near Warsaw. In the next stage of the study, Boniakowski and Skucińska Dej Architekci will be responsible for the design documentation and supervision over the investment.

Nowy Świat, Gliwice

We would like to inform you about finishing of the phase for a variant architectural concept of a residential building in Gliwice. The five-storey 4,450 sqm building will house 77 apartments and a multi-car garage.

Lema 28, Cracow

Boniakowski i Skucińska Dej Architekci begins the author’s supervision over the construction of a residential building at Lema 28 street in Krakow. The building will house 67 apartments with a total area of 4560 sqm and 650 sqm of sales area. The project makes full use of  the potential of the location while ensuring the functionality of the building and giving a sense of privacy and comfort. In the interior design of the common parts of the building, our designers used geometric graphics inspired by Pierre Voisin’s theme of space, creating interiors with a unique atmosphere.

Company registration

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to announce that on January 29 this year, our company got registered under the name of Boniakowski i Skucińska-Dej Architekci Spółka Partnerska Founders, who up until now have been involved in EMBEO and JBRI Sp. z.o.o. Sp. K. projects, decided to create new architecture design office with big ambitions.